No Such Thing as a Bad Dog, Just Bad Owners

Treatment of the Dogs

Bad DogI am a firm believer that there is not such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners. Dogs are not born to be aggressive or dangerous, we make them that way. And the bad reputation that breeds get are because of the type of PERSON that like to own that breed.

If dirt bags and the bottom rung of the social ladder like to own Labradors and Poodles, then I am sure those breeds would start to get a bad reputation.  These individual go out of their way to avoid working and an easy way for them to make money, besides waiting in the welfare line, is to fight dogs.  Pretty soon, Labradors and Poodles would start to be bred to be bigger and stronger.  And there would definitely be inbreeding, causing neurotic issues, like what happened to the Dalmatian when the movie “101 Dalmatians” came out.  But as it turns out, the certain types of people do not care for Labradors.

Fighting Pit Bull

Results of a dog fight

Look at Pit bulls. They are loyal, intelligent, devoted, and loving. But if you starve them, lock them up, give them no attention, and cause them intense pain, what do you expect the dog is going to act like?  I would be aggressive too if the only humans that I ever came in to contact with caused harm to me. Are you telling me you would greet people with a smile on your face if all they ever did was hurt you? I don’t think so.

Improper Socializing

Another cause of supposedly bad dogs is when owners, once again a human, does not take the time to social their new puppy.  A dog needs to learn it’s place in a group.  He needs to learn how to act with other dogs and that includes rough housing.  If a puppy never learns how to respond or defend itself, then when a mature dog encounters another dog, it will more than likely be dog aggressive or afraid of the dog, either way it will lead to a fight.  Puppy “fighting” is showing them how to act and tolerate other dogs.  We all know people who only grew up around their family and never hung out with friend.  Now they are socially awkward in public.

Solitary Confinement

I just read a story about a lady in Kernersville, NC who was killed by her boyfriends two Pit Bulls when she went out to their kennel to feed them.  Feel free to read the article here.  After reading the article and seeing the pictures posted, I would assume that these dogs lived out in the yard.  Dogs are pack animals and to leave them confined in the yard is wrong.  If they dog is not allowed to be in the human’s pack, they will have no choice but to form their own.  To pen two dogs up and expect them to see someone as part of their pack is lunacy.  The lady never fed the dogs so maybe the dogs felt threatened by someone new.  I know dogs are not human, but how do you act when a stranger comes into your home?

bad_dog-1400x1050I understand that dogs are not humans.  But I think people forget that dogs are living, breathing, thinking animals.  They are not robots.  Their responses to stimulus is not automatic.  Dogs do not communicate with us through OUR traditional methods so we have to take the cues from their body language.  We need to make sure and pay attention.

If a dog growls at you because you are too close to his face, do not try and give him a kiss.  True story, a vet assistant tried to give my working dog a kiss and now has a scar across her upper lip.  Bottom line is, people are stupid around dogs so therefore dogs get labeled as bad.  It’s too bad we can not just put a stupid label on people so that other people would know not to let them have an animal, or kids.



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