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Chinook Sled Dog

Chinook Breed is Welcomed into the AKC

For every body who wants an AKC recognized sled dog, but not a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute, I have good news for you.  The Chinook is now officially in the AKC.  What is a Chinook?  Chinooks were developed by Polar Explorer Arthur Treadwell Walden during the early 1900′s.  He bred a Mastiff type dog […]

Shih Tzu

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About You

By: Valerie Trumps| Pet360.com We often choose dogs who are most like us, consciously or not. While these are just generalized impressions, consider if any of these descriptions fit next time you see a friend or neighbor with her dog, or catch a glimpse of yourself walking your best bud in a shop window. The […]

Faith the Two Legged Dog

Story about Faith and Veterans

Everybody loves a good story.  But what about when the story involves dogs and soldiers?  You can not get more ‘Merican than that.   Meet Faith, a two legged dog who has learned to walk upright.  How many breeders out there would have put her down because she was different?  I am guessing about 99% […]

Pup Direction

Pup Direction – Best Pup Ever

Check out the latest song from Pup Direction, Best Pup Ever.  Funny Parody of One Direction’s Best Song Ever.    

Great Dane

Before You Buy a Dog

Whether you are thinking about buying a puppy or adopting an older dog, there are a lot of thing to think about.  Some things to take into considering are that dogs are playful, need a place to run, if you get a puppy they will get bigger, dogs need to go to the vet, dogs […]

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