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Pup Direction

Pup Direction – Best Pup Ever

Check out the latest song from Pup Direction, Best Pup Ever.  Funny Parody of One Direction’s Best Song Ever.     m4s0n501

Hound Dog

Allen, the Hound Dog, Needs a HOME!

This is a note from a foster mom in North Carolina who is trying desperately to find a home for one of her fosters.  I know that everyday people BUY dogs from breeders and pet stores, but will not think twice about going to a shelter.  I have said it before, but shelter dogs are […]

Kittens singing

Kittens Singing “River Flows in You”

These kittens sing the piano song “River Flow in You” by Yiruma.  The song is beautiful to begin with, but adding three kittens brings it home.    

Angry Dog

Wake Up! My Bowl Isn’t Going to Fill Itself

Christmas Miracle

Puppy’s Birth a Christmas Miracle

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything on your wish list.  Let’s start the day off with a feel good story about the birth of a puppy.  Some might even call it a miracle.  Judge for yourself. Call it a puppy’s Christmas “Miracle.” A teeny, tiny puppy from Colorado survived […]

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