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Awesome Cat

Awesome Cat

Who has seen this cat? m4s0n501

Hound Dog

Allen, the Hound Dog, Needs a HOME!

This is a note from a foster mom in North Carolina who is trying desperately to find a home for one of her fosters.  I know that everyday people BUY dogs from breeders and pet stores, but will not think twice about going to a shelter.  I have said it before, but shelter dogs are […]


Make a Pledge to Sponsor “Home for Life’s” Paraplegic Husky Nike While She Runs a 5K

Home for Life Animal Sanctuary is more than just an animal rescue.  Once they take an animal in, the animal never has to worry about abuse, neglect, or finding love again.  They care for the animal for the rest of its life. I found them when I was trying to get my malamute rescued.  Unfortunately, they […]

Great Dane

Before You Buy a Dog

Whether you are thinking about buying a puppy or adopting an older dog, there are a lot of thing to think about.  Some things to take into considering are that dogs are playful, need a place to run, if you get a puppy they will get bigger, dogs need to go to the vet, dogs […]

Dog running

Need a Workout Partner? Get a Dog

  (Reuters) – Zeus the pit bull helps his owner slog through interval training and military crawls, Goldie and her master enjoy Tai Chi together and Izzie the three-legged shih tzu can’t hike up the mountain but she acts as a hand weight for her owner’s bicep curl. Experts say a dog may be man’s […]

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