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Funniest Dog Dancing Video Ever

This dog dances better than some people I know.   Warning, the song contains the word A$$.  Do not listen if this offends you, but you will miss out.  

Burned Out Snowmobile

Dog Keeps Alaska Woman Alive for 3 Nights in the Cold

m4s0n501 A dog keeps Alaska woman alive for three nights in dangerously cold temperatures by huddling with her under the hull of her burned out snowmobile, according the Alaska State Troopers. Vivian Mayo, 57, of Cantwell, was found at about 1 a.m. Wednesday, 11 December 2013, under the burned-out hulk of her snowmobile that she […]

Comfort Dog kissing girl

Comfort Dogs Help Ease Pain in Newton

I love a good dog story, and nothing is better than dogs comforting people.  After the tragic events that unfolded on Friday, people decided to bring there dogs to help comfort the children and community affected by the senseless killings.  See the story below. Groups from across the country brought dogs, some of them therapy […]

Lady and Jason O'Donnell

Construction Workers Saves Dog Thrown In Swatara Creek

Jason O’Donell, a crane operator from Mifflintown, PA, rescued a pit bull that it’s previous owner threw in Swatara Creek. The construction worker was working on a bridge when he and some coworkers noticed a helpless dog was struggling in the water.  O’Donell rushed to help, only to find that the pit bull’s legs were […]

Dog wagging his tail to the right

What Directions does Your Dog Wag His Tail?

  What direction does your dog wag it’s tail?  Never noticed.  Next time you watch your dog, see if his tail is going left or right.  Tail wagging is not merely the sign of a happy dog, new research shows; it’s more complex than that. A right wag often means something very different from a […]

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