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Study Shows Herbicides Used on Grass Linked to Cancer in Dogs

How many times have you let your dog nibble on some grass? Did you ever stop to think that the grass might have cancer causing chemicals on it?  A study done by the journal Science of the Total Environment found that your pet is inhaling, ingesting and transferring the cancer-causing pesticide to you as well.  Maybe next […]

Dog wagging his tail to the right

What Directions does Your Dog Wag His Tail?

  What direction does your dog wag it’s tail?  Never noticed.  Next time you watch your dog, see if his tail is going left or right.  Tail wagging is not merely the sign of a happy dog, new research shows; it’s more complex than that. A right wag often means something very different from a […]

Dog vs Kid

Why Dogs are Better Than Kids

So you feel the need to care for something but can not decide between a puppy or a baby.  Here are 20 reasons why dogs are a better option than babies. Dogs are more self-sufficient. You can leave a dog home alone for several hours with a food and water bowl and they can take […]

Lady and Jason O'Donnell

Construction Workers Saves Dog Thrown In Swatara Creek

Jason O’Donell, a crane operator from Mifflintown, PA, rescued a pit bull that it’s previous owner threw in Swatara Creek. The construction worker was working on a bridge when he and some coworkers noticed a helpless dog was struggling in the water.  O’Donell rushed to help, only to find that the pit bull’s legs were […]

Seadon Collins Etienne Henrich- He likes to have sex with dogs.

I Love Dogs, But This is Too Much

You have to love the people in North Carolina.  I figure a story like this would be in a small town on the western part of the state, but surprise surprise, this happened in Raleigh.  I like my dogs more than people, but this guy took it to the extreme.  I hope his mom and […]

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