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Comfort Dog kissing girl

Comfort Dogs Help Ease Pain in Newton

I love a good dog story, and nothing is better than dogs comforting people.  After the tragic events that unfolded on Friday, people decided to bring there dogs to help comfort the children and community affected by the senseless killings.  See the story below. Groups from across the country brought dogs, some of them therapy […]

Cats remake Hunger Games

Cats Remake Hunger Games

If you need a recap of “Hunger Games,” here it is in 1:30.  The best part is, cats are the actors!

The Calling

The Calling

Lady and Jason O'Donnell

Construction Workers Saves Dog Thrown In Swatara Creek

Jason O’Donell, a crane operator from Mifflintown, PA, rescued a pit bull that it’s previous owner threw in Swatara Creek. The construction worker was working on a bridge when he and some coworkers noticed a helpless dog was struggling in the water.  O’Donell rushed to help, only to find that the pit bull’s legs were […]

Awesome Cat

Awesome Cat

Who has seen this cat?

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