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Belgian Shepard with prosthetic legs

A Belgian Shepard’s Resilience

I try to highlight happy stories about dogs, but this is another post about a dog that had to suffer.  Sorry.  If you don’t like reading about the atrocities that humans do to animals, read another post.  But, this story shows the resiliency of the animal spirit. Most animals do not know to quit.  All they know […]

A kiddie pool helps keep dogs cool during the summer.

Do You Know the Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs?

Dogs do not sweat through their skin like humans – they release heat primarily by panting and they sweat through the foot pads and nose. If a dog cannot effectively expel heat, the internal body temperature begins to rise. Once the dog’s temperature reaches 106°, damage to the body’s cellular system and organs may become […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

From the staff at Online Dog School to all our readers – Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you have a wonderful day with your families, both human and four legged.  


Funniest Dog Dancing Video Ever

This dog dances better than some people I know.   Warning, the song contains the word A$$.  Do not listen if this offends you, but you will miss out.  


Make a Pledge to Sponsor “Home for Life’s” Paraplegic Husky Nike While She Runs a 5K

Home for Life Animal Sanctuary is more than just an animal rescue.  Once they take an animal in, the animal never has to worry about abuse, neglect, or finding love again.  They care for the animal for the rest of its life. I found them when I was trying to get my malamute rescued.  Unfortunately, they […]

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