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Koa riding to the Vet

Wounded Pitbull in Tennessee Rescued by Good Samaritans

It is always great to hear stories about dogs being rescued by good Samaritans.  The shitty part is is that a dog has to suffer in order for a good Samaritan to step in and rescue it.  A real service to the community and world would be to treat the owners of these dogs EXACTLY […]

Shih Tzu

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About You

By: Valerie Trumps| Pet360.com We often choose dogs who are most like us, consciously or not. While these are just generalized impressions, consider if any of these descriptions fit next time you see a friend or neighbor with her dog, or catch a glimpse of yourself walking your best bud in a shop window. The […]


7 Breeds to Help Meet People

By: Carol Bryant | Pet360.com  Move over grocery stores, dog parks are the new “go to” place to meet people these days. Dogs, in general, are matchmakers and certainly ambassadors to introducing us to folks we might not ever have known. There are, however, breeds that go the extra wag when it comes to meeting new […]


No Such Thing as a Bad Dog, Just Bad Owners

Treatment of the Dogs I am a firm believer that there is not such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners. Dogs are not born to be aggressive or dangerous, we make them that way. And the bad reputation that breeds get are because of the type of PERSON that like to own that […]

Dog on dog bed

Are You Looking for a New Dog Bed?

Is it time to get a new dog bed?  Does the cushioning not provide any more support?  The latest development in dog beds is memory foam.  Why memory foam?  Have you ever lain on a memory foam bed?  If you think memory foam is comfortable, then image how comfortable your dog will think it feels. […]

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